An Introduction

There has been a growing interest among Dutch medical (pre-)graduates to spend time abroad for research purposes (minor, research master internships) but also as part of their medical education (clinical rotations, residencies or fellowships). Furthermore, there is an eagerness among medical students and graduates to gain ‘top-clinical’ knowledge acquired outside of the regular medical school program. The US is a popular destination due to the many acclaimed university hospitals, well-known medical centers and prestigious research facilities located there, and the favorable job opportunities in certain areas.

However, Dutch medical students and even medical graduates (despite being “BIG-registered”) are not allowed to practice medicine in the US. In order to practice in the US, medical pre-graduates will need to pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE®). Currently, there is minimal awareness of these requirements among medical students and a strong and unmet need for USMLE-focused tutoring and counseling. So far, a course focusing on USMLE test preparation has not been realized in the Netherlands.

Who are we?

Floris Dammeijer (1992) and Linda Joosse (1989) have successfully obtained excellent USMLE scores and have counseled several medical students throughout their Step 1 process. In collaboration with other Erasmus MC affiliated parties, they have set up a USMLE Step 1 preparation course in Rotterdam (USMLE S.O.S., School of Success). Currently, they both work as PhD-candidates in immunological research at the Erasmus Medical Center.

Our Mission

  • To join the ongoing efforts to improve accessibility to USMLE in the Netherlands, and especially in Rotterdam;
  • To increase awareness of USMLE amongst medical students and clinicians in the Netherlands;
  • To offer help in the process of ECFMG registration and USMLE subscription;
  • To offer a “prep course” to help Dutch students prepare for their USMLE Step 1 exam, i.e. organize plenary lectures focused on relevant topics and providing small group classes and teaching sessions for students;
  • Create a network of USMLE Step 1 participants and enthusiasts that can help one another in succeeding USMLE Step 1 and to further propagate this course;
  • To improve the (inter)national reputation of the Faculty of Medicine of the Erasmus MC.


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